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Open RTB 3.0

Open RTB 3.0

The world of RTB is waiting with excited anticipation for the launch of Open RTB 3.0. The last update in January of 2017, Open RTB 2.5 allowed for greater video support, with particular focus on VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) transparency.

Open RTB 3.0Open RTB 3.0 will be the biggest overhaul of Real-Time Bidding since its inception in 2010. The main focus of this update is security, transparency and authentication. Previous alliterations of Open RTB were vulnerable to fraudulent practices which several organisations formed to tackle. As a result, there is an undercurrent of mistrust in Real-Time Bidding which the latest updates tackles. As well as an overhaul in security, the evolution of the protocol will enable open communication to AdCom, a specification designed to enable greater controls of creatives and how they are communicated through Open RTB. Alongside this, Open RTB addresses issues around processing speeds and latency. It is widely accepted in the industry that these issues have been hampering the evolution of Real-Time Bidding when launch Open RTB 3.0 is hoped to generate a significant period of growth.

We are still waiting on the specifications to be formally announced. Supply-side concerns around supply chain objects were highlighted during public comment, as of June 2019 revisions have been made that could signify the imminent launch and adoption of Version 3.0 in the 2nd half of 2019.

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We are ready for the new adoption of Open RTB, if you would like to talk further and explore an Open RTB 3.0 connection please get in touch.

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