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Bidders – The most important tool a DSP can have.

Bidders – The Most Important Tool A DSP Can Have.

Demand Side Platforms (DSP) are complex platforms that contain several core components including. The most important are the bidders, the focus point of the entire DSP which requires many supporting technologies to function.

The bidder evaluates bid requests and decides the bid value. The DSP cannot do this without knowing how much to spend, the campaign goals and advertiser value. Independent technologies all interact with the bidder to offer efficient media management.

A typical programmatic bid request comes from an exchange and follows the rules dictated by the OpenRTB protocol. The Bid request contains data insights including, Site, Publisher, Device and User data. The Bidder is the first contact a demand partner has with a programmatic supplier.

biddersOnce an Exchange sends a bid requests to all demand-side buyers, the Bidder will respond with a bid amount. The Exchange informs the DSP if their bid has been successful. The DSP acknowledges a win and sends the creative tag to be served.

The entire process takes less than half a second to complete. A good DSP will have speed at its core and offer varying approaches to improve the speed in which they can monitor and manage huge volumes of supplier inventory. The entire process of filtering and advertising decision is made following information received from the bidder. If the Bidder is slow or poorly configured the entire bid stream will be compromised.

biddersThe DSP receives a bid request and will activate a number of filtering decisions, each action adds to the response time of the DSP, its latency. Demand-side partners have to be selective over the filters it will apply.  The differing combination of filters is what gives DSPs their unique position in the market.

Typically, the DSP will filter out campaigns that the bid requests do not match. Use the user, site and device data to calculate a maximum bid and serve the most appropriate campaign in their platform. This information is all fed through the bidder which in turn responds with a bid value and creative, it is vital for the bidder to be of the highest quality and technically robust, without this tool working effectively, you demand-side relationships will struggle to gain traction in programmatic.

Advenue is committed to providing our partners with a connection that is efficient, quick and managed to the specific requirements of our clients. We manage all 1st and 3rd party bidders independently and out unique technology allows us to prefilter request before sending on to our clients’ bidder. If true control and efficiency is high on your priority list please get in touch.

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