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Real Time Bidding – A little Bit of History

Real Time Bidding – A Little Bit Of History

Real-Time Bidding has an established and respected place in the advertising spectrum. Since its conception over 10 years ago, Real-Time Bidding has evolved to be a flexible, innovative advertising technology that has driven a huge change in the entire digital advertising industry.

RTB was born from a consortium of technology leaders from both supply and demand sides in November 2010 to develop a new API that unified the protocols and automate the trading of digital advertising. The Real-Time Bidding Project is still very much active and working to evolve OpenRTB to ensure it meets the growing needs of the supply and demand sides.

While RTB has been primarily driven through the United States, the adoption globally has been quick and widely adopted by the world’s largest advertisers. Its evolution has seen global tech giants such as Google, Bing, yahoo, and Advenue invest heavily and support widespread adoption from both publishers and advertisers.

In 2018 the UK traded $719.4 Million through Real-Time Bidding. 72% of the previous year. The growth trends from 2015 have been consistent with predictions and if the current trading activity within Real-Time Bidding continues in 2019 the UK Real-Time Bidding industry will have traded over $1Billion.

Source: [RTB digital display ad spending in Europe 2013-2018]

RTB allows brands to bid on individual users across desktop, mobile, video and native inventory in real-time. RTB gives brands insight into the numerous data points that are available for analysis. Device details, location, publisher details, placement specifications and creative requirements are a handful of data points that are broadcast in real-time for demand-side buyers to bid against.

Advertising Exchanges are used as a connector for Supply Side Platforms (SSP) and Demand Side Platforms (DSP) to trade. Supply Side Platforms offer publishers several tools for automating the trading of their advertising inventory in real-time. Demand Side Platforms give advertisers a unique breakdown of the data stream and allow campaigns to build that bid based on predetermined data matches. For Example, the Advenue technology works directly with the publisher to segment inventory before any impression is available to the advertiser. We work with demand partners to understand their requirement and enable access to “Holistic Exchanges”, improving the speed and response rate of our bids, this makes for consistent, quality demand that is more likely to win a bid due to the speed and suitability for the supply.

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