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GDPR & Programmatic Advertising

GDPR & Programmatic Advertising

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25, 2018, and since then organizations around the world have been updating privacy policies, and consumers have become more aware and concerned about the value their data can offer huge organisations. GDPR & Programmatic has evolved an industry whereby confidentially; transparency and integrity have been the core value that customers look for. The changes to privacy have proved to be especially relevant to marketers and advertisers, industries that have historically worked to ensure a careful balance between consumer data and privacy compliance.

Despite the rumours that GDPR would bring about the end of programmatic advertising, the industry has evolved to ensure data privacy is a key consideration for all demand and supply-side partners. This has bought about an age in digital advertising where the audience, the message we deliver and how we deliver it is the key focus and consideration for many marketers.

With the stricter privacy laws, many thought programmatic would be too complex to monitor and prone to violating the new regulations. GDPR requires the consent of consumers if their personal data is part of an interaction. It was widely thought that programmatic advertising is too complicated and involved to guarantee a truly “opted-in” audience base and therefore making it impossible to work effectively within the rules of GDPR.

The truth is that since the introduction of GDPR, programmatic advertising has continued to grow and adapt to the legal requirements for advertisers. Programmatic Advertising is not going anywhere any time soon and advertisers are now gaining more confidence that the industry is able to manage data and privacy effectively.

Why advertisers stayed with Programmatic Advertising

It is widely agreed that programmatic advertising primarily allows advertisers to reach an audience effectively. It is this effectiveness that has ensured that programmatic has continued to grow and establish itself as a reliable and effective form of advertising.

Programmatic advertising offers advertisers a tangible, trackable medium that is shaped to the individual requirements of the advertiser. The audience experience is individual and focused on engaging quality advertising. This is enabled by the unique demographics, behaviours and location information that is explored before advertising is presented, enabling a message that displayed to the most appropriate audience.

GDPR Stopped all this, Right?

In short, no. GDPR is not intended to stop legitimate advertisers using data correctly, with the correct permissions or to reach an audience that is happy to receive an advertising message. GDPR was implemented to ensure that the audience is aware of how or if their data is being used, by who, for what purpose and give them clear instructions and freedom to remove themselves from targeting.

GDPR ensured that Consent became the key focus for data processing, especially with web or app developers. Email Newsletter, cookies, ad serving, and eCommerce systems needed to clearly state their intent and clearly demonstrate how the audience data will be managed and collected. May advertisers are reporting that the adjustments to GDPR bought about a time of audience awareness, those advertisers at that utilising data appropriately and engaging their audience are seeing increase brand adoption and retention, resulting in a quality audience over a high-volume audience.

The industry has seen a marked improvement in quality standards across the board. It is now more important than ever to put energy into creating high-quality connections that are competitive and relevant. It is a great time for marketers to revisit their entire ad strategy.

Data has been the driving force behind the improvement to advertiser messaging, may advertisers now arguing that it is impossible to run a successful campaign without data insights as to the foundation of audience targeting.

If you need to know more about GDPR & Programmatic, the IAB has a GDPR Hub that is a great resource for advertisers and publishers. If you would like to learn more about how Advenue is working to connect advertisers to an engaged, opted-in and complient please Contact Us.

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