Connecting Publishers with Demand Partners Globally

Proprietary technology working with Industry recognised fraud monitoring partners, data providers, and buy side partners. Advenue allows publishers to trade verified, data rich, high-quality audiences with global demand.

Connect to Global Demand Across 190 Countries.

100% Transparent Demand from Trusted and Verified Sources.

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14 Day Publisher Payment Terms

Such is the strength of our demand partnerships Advenue offers industry-first 14-Day payment terms for direct publishers wanting to leverage their premium inventory for scaled audience buying.

Thematic Exchanges

Proprietary technology enabling you to sell, high valued segmented users programmatically with all the trading controls and transparency of a market leading exchange.

Platform Agnostic

Our technology suite enables us to work with any desktop or mobile supply from your titles regardless if in-stream, out-stream, native, in-app, mobile web, AR/VR,  or connected TV.

Transparent Security

Ad Quality tools and trading rules to deliver the highest quality advertising, coupled with proactive account management, ensure the best possible partner connections and eCPMs.

Ad Quality Assurance

We understand that quality supply and demand partnerships are the key to success in programmatic. Ad screening and fraud detection ensure the highest quality ads are seen across your ad spaces and publications.

Publisher Analytics & Optimisation

Advenue drives success through world-class publisher management. All publisher and advertiser partners closely monitored through our reporting platform to ensure only the most appropriate and rewarded connections for both sides are made.

Extensive Demand Sources

The Advenue solution offers publishers an extensive demand stack across desktop, mobile, connected TV and video. Working to enhance the impression value of our publishers inventory by providing quality demand that strives to yield higher eCPMs.

Advertiser Direct

Working with advertisers directly, as well as DSPs ensure the highest quality demand and supply relationships.

Holistic Exchanges

Advenue power Holistic exchanges and private marketplaces allowing audience pools to be targeted and delivery guarantees to be put in place.

Open Marketplace

The Advenue technology can be applied to open exchange trading. Optimising the supply and demand and deliver unique pools of inventory.

Strategic Account Management

Advenue is built on a foundation of industry leading expertise and account management. Our team works to integrate, manage, and monitor the day to day functions of the partnership. Yield optimisation, revenue optimisation and demand matching, are all delivered with complete transparency to give our direct publisher partners market leading returns for their inventory and paid within 14 days.

Brand Saftey

We appreciate that your publisher brand and integrity can be compromised by a mismatched demand connection. While Advenue works to ensure the highest possible advertising yield, this is not at the cost of your business brand and position in market. Holistic Exchanges and Private marketplaces are utilised to ensure the highest and most appropriate demand connection and opened and monitored.

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