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Quality Supply, Efficiently Managed

In partnership with world leading Telco operators our Carrier Grade Exchange Platform allows advertisers to reach verified first party audiences curated from Telco subscriber data sets across our O&O and 3rd Party Supply.

Header Bidding Explained

Header Bidding has evolved from the issue of inefficient, biased approaches to ad optimisation and…

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Ad Exchange – The Nuts and Bolts

An ad exchange is a digital marketplace that enables publishers and advertisers to transact advertising…

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Programmatic Advertising Fundamentals

Programmatic Advertising – The Building Blocks of Modern Advertising

What is programmatic advertising? Programmatic advertising is a technology-led advertising medium where-by the decision-making process…

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Real Time Bidding – A little Bit of History

Real-Time Bidding has an established and respected place in the advertising spectrum. Since its conception…

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Open RTB 3.0

The world of RTB is waiting with excited anticipation for the launch of Open RTB…

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Open RTB 2.5

Open RTB 2.5 is now the most common Open RTB protocol. RTB was born from…

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AdCOM 1.0 Specifications

The Advertising Common Object Model (Ad-COM) works to unify how media objects are described, bought…

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Open RTB 2.4

Open RTB 2.4 is one of most common Open RTB protocols adopted by programmatic buyers…

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Open RTB 2.3.1 – June 2015

Open RTB 2.3 held some common flaws that were rectified by launch of Open RTB…

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